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Be Happy
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Burning Ball
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Hello my Name is Ahmad Al-Awadi and I live in Kuwait,  I always liked the art of filmmaking since I was a kid back in  1997-1998 where I did some short movies with my brothers and cousins with a Sony handy cam, I really enjoyed those days, Years Later in college I began doing freelancing  for companies, making Commercials, Directing Projects, Editing and doing Motion Graphics, As well as doing some personal projects from time to time.
Name: Ahmad Al-Awadi
Birth Date: January 22nd 1985
Country: Kuwait  
Education: Bachelor degree in Business Administration - Kuwait University
Major: Finance & Financial Institutions
Filmmaking Tasks:  Producing - Directing - Editing - Compositing - Motion Graphics
How to Contact me:
For any questions e-mail me at  ahmad.alawadi [at] gmail.com
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Director: Abdulateef Al-Othman 2003 2004 Awqaf Animation
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