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One of my favourite hobbies is swimming, I go to Platinum Gym Kaifan to swim nearly everyday in thier 20-something meters pool, but I hate it now, it’s getting so crowded, I can’t swim a proper lap without bumping into someone or without lifting my head up to see if the path is clear every time, plus I need a larger pool anyway. So I decided to leave Platinum before the end of this month and join a real pool, a 50m olympic sized swimming pool.

I’ve been asking my freinds who have been swimming on sports clubs before, if they know any 50m pools, either public or private, I’ve also done some digging myself.

So here are my findings so far, (all 50m size pools) :

I started visiting Khaitan Sports club – Khaitan, its an open pool, not my taste. Monthly subscription 25kd, open for anyone.

Al-Yarmook Sports club in Mishref – much better, same subscription, open for anyone.

I also visited Qadsiya Sports club – in Hawally- but didn’t took any pictures unfortunately, but it looked newer than Al-Yarmook club. 3 days per week only, and I have to pay for a trainer, I passed it.

Update: Today I checked Al-Arabi Sports Club in Mansouriya, the place is quite nice, but open only from sat-wed, here are a few pictures:

I heard that other olympic pools are in Al-Tathamun S.C, Al-Jahra S.C, Al-Naser S.C, but I haven’t visited them yet. I also heard that Khazema S.C are building a new olympic pool due in 2010 maybe. But I’d like to note that some clubs only accept people under 18 like the case with Kuwait sports club in Kaifan – stupid I know.

There aren’t any commercial olympic sized pools (50m) in Kuwait other than the ones at the sport clubs as I’ve heard later on, I will keep this post updated with more findings however.

As for now I will join Al-Yarmook S.C since thier opening times suits me the best, everyday exepct friday.
(Update: I also might consider Al-Arabi too)

If I forgot to mention a sports complex with a 50m pool, I’d love to hear it in the comments below, thanks !


Just to see to what extent a Father would push for his disabled son … They both competed in over 950 races including the Ironman Trialathon.


Message: For all our fathers out there, we wouldn’t be what we are now without you …

Source: Men’s Health