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In my last post a reader asked me when Journey to Mecca is going to be launched in Kuwait, I haven’t forgot your question (Catism) but I was bit occupied with my 3d animation course. As for the latest updates, I called our IMAX theater in Kuwait several weeks ago but they didn’t have information regarding the screening, they even didn’t hear about the film even ! Anyways, I think there is information on this link regarding the release schedule for the film:

And if I have additional info I’ll post it here too.


The last episode for the season of lost, finally, has some meaning to it !.. usually most episodes ends with a suspenseful twist , leaving you questioning and associating between previous episodes. Many people are saying that Lost has been straying from it’s plot, but as I see it is connecting so well. The last episode of season 3 was one of the best so far !! Season 4 will begin airing in February 2008, I just can’t wait for it !