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Today I attended Kuwait’s first Pechakucha Night at Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, pronounced as pu-chak-cha, or بجكجه in Kuwaiti.

Pechakucha means chit-chat in Japanese, it started in Japan by two architects in 2003, and to this day there over 179 cities with pechakucha events around the globe, pechakucha is famous for its 20×20 approach, and it’s basically a forum with speakers from different fields, each speaker has only 20 slides, each slight 20 seconds, so that’s a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds to present each idea or speech. I came a bit early because they told me the place will fill up quickly, which in fact did. There were a total of 7 presenters and most of them did great, in my opinion my best two are Ghada Alkandari and Abdulaziz Al-Humaidhi, Ghada is an artist and she presented a painting which she explained the meaning of each part in a story like fashion, while Abdulaziz showed us some great concept ideas from his architectural firm.

For those of you who missed it, or didn’t hear about it, you can still attend it as this event happens 4 times per year, the next one is around a few months from now, subscribe to this RSS feed for up-to date news on PKN Kuwait.

In my last post a reader asked me when Journey to Mecca is going to be launched in Kuwait, I haven’t forgot your question (Catism) but I was bit occupied with my 3d animation course. As for the latest updates, I called our IMAX theater in Kuwait several weeks ago but they didn’t have information regarding the screening, they even didn’t hear about the film even ! Anyways, I think there is information on this link regarding the release schedule for the film:

And if I have additional info I’ll post it here too.


Check this site, it’s a classified list in Kuwait. Currently it has 4 sections, starting from Real estate, For Sale items, Jobs and ending with the Forums. It’s still new, but I’m sure it has potential.

You only need to setup an account and then your ready to post.

Update: as one of the posters mentioned, posting to urood doesn’t require to open an account. You can press the “post to urood” like and start putting on ads. – thanks Al-Mughrabi !