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I know its been a while since I last updated, I’d like to talk about several things that happened since last time I posted. First of all, I watched Journey to Mecca, finally ! As a whole I would give it 8/10, I didn’t like the art direction and staging so much especially when they made the Ka’ba so clean during Ibn Battuta’s times, also I everyone is making the tawaf around the ka’ba ( he built ka’ba), but nobody was praying at the back, there were just lanterns ! Moreover, I would have liked to see children, or at least teenagers in the background during the time when Ibn battuta visited the markets, it wasn’t just a grown-ups age, same thing for the Haj scenes, I would beleive it would give it a much closer feel to reality if they had done that. It would’ve also been better if they had mixed races when they casted the extras, especially since there weren’t so much asians and europeans, if not at all. The story, acting and overall message was great in my opinion.

After that I got interviewed by Al-Watan TV “Sabah Al-Watan” in April for my participation in the film, along with 2 others, co-producer Alzain Al-Sabah and Deema Al-Ansari. It was my first time live on TV,  I was really amazed how the set was so small compared to what we actually see on TV.

On June I uploaded my class 3 showreel from my school at Animation Mentor, you can see my showreel below, this time I added music to the showreel, I liked that feature in Youtube called Audioswap, where I can add to my already-uploaded video any music track for free, which is kinda neat.

I’m expecting to graduate hopefully on March 2010

I also attended the second Pecha-Kecha night, this time it was in Al Qibliya School Cultural Center, in my opinion the presenters weren’t better than first time except Ahmad Al-Refae (Owaikeo), even the attendees were less than before, but the environment was more casual.

Now I’m currently searching for olympic sized swimming pools in Kuwait, because I’m thinking of joining one next week, I’ll be showing some of my finding soon on a dedicated post.


  1. That’s so cool mashalla!


    Good luck!

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