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Back from holiday :) I want to start blogging again on filmmaking, let’s hear your ideas on topics you would like me to write about during the following months ..


  1. *How hard is for a director to work in Kuwait ?
    *Is there any gathering / club / organization that connect / encourage all these upcoming directors ?
    * more links of your works ? :p

  2. welcome back .. I don’t have an idea about film making .. so i’m waiting u to post anything related to that topic ;)

  3. there’s few things i really would like to read about, the first thing is, what does the director need to make a great movie ?, what Kuwait people want to see and how can the soundtrack makes a good movie !
    thanks and welcome back :)

    • Posted September 1, 2007 at 11:41 pm
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    welcome back :)

    Actually, I’d like to know which is the best baramij I could use to edit movies ” BTW, am nt Mac user! ”
    o also ma 3laikoum amir WT are The main tips 4 a beginner in filmmaking.

    O 7ada 5oosh idea ena u hear from us, o I hope my ideas are 5oosh ba3ad :>

    Thanks bro

  4. welcome back bro, i hope u have a nice vacation ;)
    while there is a lot of stuff giong on the camcorders industry lately and new techs such as high def cams, hdd cams, memory stick cams, AVCHD formats ect.. and the king of cams THE RED ONE ;p what’s ur comment on all this products traffic, and how long the DV tapes will stand beside all this techs before it’s vanish?

    p.s: you know here the DV tape is the main consumer media and wont be replaced, like forever ;p

  5. Thanks everyone for the wonderful ideas ! keep them going :)

  6. والله الفكرة حلوة بس يبيلها تمويل ومخ نظيف

    واذا الاعلان عن الفلم كان قوي فاعتقد النجاح رح يكون مؤكد باذن الله

    بانتظار الفلم :)

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