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Looking For a Job (2003)

Project Date: May 2003

Produced by: Innovation House, Wael Al-Omani, ahmad.TV

Client: National Association of Kuwaiti Students – Kuwait University

Directed By: Ahmad Al-Awadi

Director of Photography: Wael Al-Omani

Edited by: Ahmad Al-Awadi – Wael Al-Omani

Visual Effects, Sound Design, Screenplay: : Ahmad Al-Awadi

The Video:

How I began:
This was my first paid project, before that I worked on several personal projects, short clips in which I did some stunts for testing purposes, each time I’m done with a project I start to show it to my family, and then send it to friends in msn. One day I received a phone call from someone who saw my work from my one of my msn contacts -word-of-mouth playing its role:), he told me “flan” someone is looking for guys interested in Media production, so I took off and went to their social gathering, we exchanged opinions and such, at the end I showed my work to someone from the gathering, at that time he was running a company by the name Innovation House, and during that time, Innovation House was responsible for the 1st Job event conference, the project included a video intro for the conference. He offered me to Direct the video, I immediately accepted without any hesitation because It was a golden chance for me to work on something real, something that can be shown in a big event.

The Idea:
I sat down with the production team, did some brain storming, and came up with the idea, I came back home and drew the storyboard, sketching it really fast, check it here, it looks funny:

lfaj1 lfaj2 lfaj3 lfaj4 lfaj5
I need some drawing courses coz I’m the worst storyboard artist ever :P

The idea goes like this, it’s a story of a man who graduates from college and starts applying for a job, it presents the obstacles that a graduate faces when he applies a for job in Kuwait, but somewhat to an extreme.

Production Notes:
We shot the entire project in one day, I edited in in my old pc in 1.5 -2 days along with the sound effects, and delivered the next day, it was done really fast because we had a very tight deadline.

But at the end it wasn’t that bad, I was happy that the audience liked it, plus they requested that we present the video one more time, which we did.

Here is a video comparing the storyboard to the final clip:


Hardware: Canon Xl1 camera, 2X Lights, Regular PC (2.5Ghz, 1Gb ram)

Software: Premiere – Photoshop – After Effects

This project was one the first projects I worked on back in 2003, Although its pretty old but I feel that it’s special in a way, probably because I was really excited to work on it at that time. If you have any comments/opinions/suggestions I’d love to hear them, just drop them down below.


  1. Mashalla Good job Bro Ahmed, Keep it up .. I posted it @ so the students see what goin to happen after they graduate LOL ..

  2. Yea LOL, I was living those moments when I was looking for a job after I graduated :). And thanks bro for linking the video !

  3. LOL ahmad, the storyboard look so funny !! i wonder how can you understand what you draw ?? :P
    the most hilarious draw in the storyboard is the phone part… you know ” THE 6AA5 PART ”
    but good job, good sound effects too, wishing for you the best, keep it up.

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