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Pic from mac meetup

Last Tuesday I was at Second Cup for the 2nd Kuwait Mac user meetup, where Kuwaiti Mac users exchange knowledge, tips on Mac OS X, in a supporting social environment.

Highlights of the meetup:

- First we chatted with each other waiting for the rest of the attendees to come

- Next we introduced applications for Mac, VirtueDesktops, Isolator, Zekir

- Widgets: we showed a widget that does instant currency conversions, CurrencyConverter

- Tips: we explained how to use Smart folders along with the color coding labels

- Q&A: At the end we had an open discussion where we answered questions

- Giveaway DVD’s containing a handpick of Mac Apps

A lot of users are recently switching to Mac. Mac is really much more stable than windows, there are no viruses whatsover, no spyware, no adware, its clean and does the job with no hassle, let alone the applications that comes bundled with it, for more on mac, and why mac is a better choice than windows check this Link

I thank everyone who attended the user group, for more information/support on your mac, visit us at our new forum through this link, drop by and if you need support on your mac we would be glad to help, my username is (BigMac)

Read: Kuwait Mac Community


  1. Inshallah next time ill try to be there

    ill bring my HP laptop to make a fight between Mac and Windows :p

  2. wow, MAC meetings!!! this is neat
    and this add-on you have here for the preview is pretty nifty

  3. Financy the Spartian:
    7ayak allah :), and remember this is no Spartian war your in, you’re gonna lose big time :P

    Thanks!, im lucky that the preview add-on comes with the theme :P, where you can get it right here

  4. How come I never seen this before? :)

    Awesome words you have done there.. Am going to put some related link from my blog to this post.. and readers, believe it or not! BigMac is right! MAKE THE SWITCH Mac is stunty and reliable!

  5. For a minute there I almost thought this was some kind of a MAC cosmetic user meet. I am glad to note this was not the case and that things in Q8 have still not come to such a pass where you find men getting together to discuss their favourite women’s cosmetic brand, or worse still to come out wearing MAC make-up.

  6. Mohammed J. Mughrabi:
    Mac is sure stunty and reliable ! I agree with you 200%

    Fardeen. C:
    LOL, “lay7oooshich” , don’t worry we are real men discussing real issues :)

  7. it’s really nice … to know that , there is a Mac Community in Q8 :)

    Keep it UP :)

  8. Thanks Milyani will do :)

  9. Cool to see Mac communities blossom around the region. I hope you’ll consider registering with Apple as a User Group. If we at EmiratesMac ( can help with anything, please let us know.

    • j
    • Posted November 4, 2007 at 9:51 am
    • Permalink

    wow! i’m impress!… i never realized mac users here in kuwait have this. keep on guyz! i wish i could visit the meeting sometimes.

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