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Hey there!, I know, I know, it has been a while since I last posted, mainly because I was working on a video that I hope it will be posted in a few days.

Today I stumbled across this website (Thanks M.T.S for the link!), It’s a comic book created by Dr.Naif Al-Mutawa, Founder of Teshkeel Media Group. I’m not into comic books myself, but it’s nice knowing that there is something from a Middle Eastern company that’s aiming worldwide.



  1. Your video section is incredible!!!!

    my fav is most precious clip ..

  2. Thanks Mughrabi :)

  3. Interestingly was, but there is someone who does not quite agree with the author?

  4. And again about this. If the search engines learn to understand the meaning, the bloggers have poizgolyatsya to be readable and do not like the others.

  5. On your site familiar in the ICQ link Kinula. It turned out that nothing like it. Tepr all the time to read will

  6. well.. it’s like I thought!

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